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Nottingham / including: Arnold, Beeston,Gedling, Mapperley,West Bridford, Worksop and Leicester England NG3

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Independent Hearing Aid Audioligist

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  • Hearing is Believing --- Home Visiting Audiologist for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire
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  • 07900 224961
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  • 1, Plains Rd
    Nottingham / including: Arnold, Beeston,Gedling, Mapperley,West Bridford, Worksop and Leicester, England NG3
    United Kingdom

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  • Free Hearing Tests, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Hearing Tests, Ringing in the Ears, Tinnitus, Wax Removal, hearing test

More About Hearing is Believing --- Home Visiting Audiologist for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids Home visits in Nottinghamshire

Hearing test at home throughout Nottinghamshire including:  Arnold, Beeston, Gedling, Mapperley, West Bridford and Worksop

Hearing Tests Home Visits in Leicester and all of Leicestershire

Please Phone 07900 224 961 for more information

It's frustrating how a hearing problem can make you feel removed from those so close. It can isolate you socially and have a huge impact on how you go about your daily life.

For every person with a hearing problem there can be many disrupted relationships, many misinterpretations, frustrations, arguments, cases of sadness or even depression. It's in our nature to be social, we want to belong and join in, be part of the conversation, not just "sat" on the edge of it.

Most hearing loss goes unnoticed because of its gradual onset. Family and friends tend to notice there’s a problem before the person with hearing loss does. People with hearing loss do not realise how much they have been missing until they get help.

For most people hearing loss occurs gradually, so you may not notice the signs right away. Do you identify with any of the following?

  • People seem to mumble.
  • Asking others to repeat themselves.
  • Difficulty following conversations in background noise or in group situations.
  • Children’s and women's voices are difficult to hear.
  • Being able to hear people talk, but having difficulty understanding the words.
  • The TV or radio is turned up louder than normal.
  • High pitched sounds such as birds, crickets and bells cannot be heard
  • Family, colleagues and friends suggest you might have a hearing problem.
  • You often hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears.

Hearing Healthcare Professionals usually describe hearing loss by degrees. The degree of hearing loss is defined in ranges of mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and profound.

 Poor hearing can fester, it can eat away at our quality of life and can negatively impact on the little pleasures life has to offer many times throughout the day.

As an independent practice, Hearing is Believing is not tied to any one manufacturer. The hearing aid audiologists are free to select the most suitable hearing aids for each client based on the individual results and the clients specific needs.

 Advice is completely impartial and the aim is always to find the best-possible solution to meet particular hearing and lifestyle requirements. Hearing is Believing can supply the latest digital technology from Bernafon, Oticon, Phonak ,Resound, Siemens,Starkey, Unitron and Widex.

Specialising in wax removal

Usually micro suction does not need pre-treatment with drops but two days of Earol (clinically treated olive oil) is the best preparation. An audiologist will examine your ear using a binaural microsope (either fixed or with loupes glasses) and, using a fine low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage. Also, using a video otoscope we will show you the condition of the ear before and after the treatment.

  • SAFE – Micro suction is the preferred method of treatment for medical staff and patients alike for guaranteed effective removal of ear wax.
  • PAIN FREE – Micro suction is totally comfortable and in most cases the blockage is removed in minutes.
  • QUALIFIED – Only carefully selected fully qualified and experienced audiologists with additional training in aural micro suction ear wax removal are used by the Ear Wax Removal Clinic.

Please note, Hearing is Believing will conduct a home visits for a hearing test and provide advice on hearing aids in the comfort of your own home.

However, If convenient,  you may like to visit our brand new clinic at 1, Plains Road, Mapperley NG3 5JH

In any event  speak directly to our dispenser

Calling us on 07900 224961 will put you directly in touch with our  HCPC Registered Audiologist, Mr. Henley, who will look after you every step of the way.

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