Our Accredited Home Visiting Companies


An Accreditation from At Home Visits means that a company has made a commitment to carry out home visits in accordance with the following best practices

Before the visit

The home visitor will:

  • identify the best person from their company to do the visit;
  • agree a mutually agreeable appointment time;
  • inform the visitee of all the information, documents or equipment they will need to have ready for the visit;
  • remind the visitee that they may wish to have a family or friend with them during the visit.

The home visitor will:

  • aim to be punctual and, if running late, and will call ahead where possible;
  • will have appropriate identification with them and will encourage the visitee to check it properly;
  • if driving, will be considerate as where they park.

During the visit

The home visitor will:

  • be fully prepared and, if needed, will have any needed information, documents or equipment with them;
  • dress and conduct themselves appropriately;
  • maintain professional boundaries;
  • respect all confidential information which is shared;
  • agree any next steps before they leave;
  • check that the visitee is satisfied with the outcome of the visit before they leave.

After the visit

The home visitor will:

  • follow up on any actions which are agreed during the visit.